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Above all else, we are committed to using our time, talents, and skills to enable ‘projects and campaigns’ for animals who need our help. We believe in…



The welfare and wellbeing of all animals is our priority.


Being generous with kindness and compassion

Being of service to animals in every way we can in order to support those in need



We hold ourselves accountable to our projects and the animals we serve, as well as to the people and organizations who are helping us to achieve our goals.

We promote best practices in integrated, grassroots development and cultivate credibility in our work, ideas, and approach through open collaboration—both inside and outside the organization.

We use social media to keep our communication open, transparent and concise.


Non-judgement – never make assumptions

We question but we never make assumptions. We strive to fully understand the situations we encounter, even if the situations are hard to tolerate. We are always asking questions but doing so in a non-judgmental manner.


Always being open to all possibilities

We become fully open to all possibilities, and with that comes our potential to create great visions for the task at hand.


International but keeping it local

With our ability to potentially reach our target audience in every country, our identity is very much global with a truly international reach.

Our projects are very much about local communities and their animals, and with this in mind we are all about developing awareness and building an international empathy for the animals we are helping.

We are very much about keeping our projects local by working and partnering with and supporting efficient, grass roots organisations run by respected local people and organizations to help their animals and their communities


Sustainability and Scalability

We design systems that can quickly address need, create lasting impact and facilitating our expansion into further projects.

Recourses are limited, and the need to help animals in so many regions and communities is both urgent and overwhelming.

Our goal is that each of our projects must operate efficiently and effectively without major dependency on long term support.


Always do our best

…for every one of our projects and the animals that are depending on us.