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We are lucky to have partners who are business owners, entrepreneurs, freethinkers, movers and shakers – people and organizations who believe there is always a better way, and a way to get things done.

Love to heal, heal to love.


Together we can be part of something bigger

Love Heal Animals is all about creating great partnerships. We have experienced first hand that by working together with our partners we can achieve outcomes that would be impossible if we tried to tackle projects on our own.

Being a Love Heal Animals partner means working together to create active relationships that allow both organizations to achieve great outcomes together.

Partnerships extend our reach to being able to bring on more projects for communities and animals in need. A partnership with Love Heal Animals can potentially help your organization build brand strength along with client, employee and supplier relations.

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To all our donors, partners and volunteers
Thank you!

The unwavering commitment and invaluable support of our founding partner are what ensures the success of our programs, and what inspires us every day

Founding Partner -

Alora Property Group

We are a leading development company in Sydney Australia designing sustainable communities, ensuring the next generation enjoys our shared world. Combining a social conscience with our respect for the environment, our residential developments, estates and communities provide affordable solutions in areas where we predict intense urban growth. We are passionate about animals and how we can help.

Project Partners

Love Heal Animals is proud to work in collaboration with local experts who have a community-centered approach, and a deep knowledge of issues at hand.


Trawangan Dive

As one of Gili Trawangan’s longest established diving centres, Trawangan Dive Centre (TDC) offers proven experience, expertise and a first class reputation long earned. The trident logo represents one of the most popular and successful destinations for the discerning traveller.  It’s early establishment also meant it got a first choice of the most idyllic stretch of Gili Trawangan beach front.

Every stage of diving is available at TDC’s multi award winning and PADI affiliated centre. Gili Trawangans warm Indo-Pacific waters means that every course is conducted amongst the largest variety of marine life on the planet.


Dashama Konah

Dashama is an internationally known Yoga Teacher, Author and Health Expert. Founder of the Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Perfect 10 Lifestyle and Pranashama Yoga Institute. She is an innovator in the field of yoga, mind/body transformation and healing.

Pranashama Yoga Institute offers 200/500 hr Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Transformation Training Programs world wide.

Dashama developed the Prasha Method system of healing after using these techniques to heal her own life and thousands of students around the world both live and online. She teaches that the power of the mind is the greatest influence in your conscious evolution.

Dashama’s Mission - As a global yoga tribe, we believe that together there is nothing impossible for us to achieve. Whether it is raising awareness about ocean conservation through a campaign, purchasing land in the Amazon to protect the rain forests from being clear cut to raise cattle or building an orphanage to create a home for children, the philanthropic side of my work is dedicated to meaningful projects in both environmental and humanitarian related causes world wide.


Kelvin Grove Equine

Christopher Beggs APF-I RHDP is an internationally qualified farrier with years of experience within the equine industry.

With an in-depth knowledge of the equine distal limb and structures of the equine foot to provide individualised care of the highest quality to each horse, and is constantly advancing his skills and knowledge within the field through continuing professional development.

Kelvin Grove Equine offer both scientific and traditional principles of horseshoeing to provide the horse a solid foundation, with an emphasis on balance and alignment for a sustainable performance career.


Eco Gili Trust

Gili Eco Trust, is an NGO based on Gili Trawangan. It was founded in 2000 to protect the coral reefs around the Gili islands from destructive fishing. In 1999 local people founded the SATGAS to patrol the waters around the three Gili islands. They entered into an agreement with fishermen to define fishing areas and lawful fishing practices. Fishermen were indeed fishing with dynamite and cyanide. This destructive method was one of the main causes of coral degradation.

From 2004, Gili Eco Trust launched the Biorock project, a corel reef restoration program. Since then 63 Biorock structures have been installed all around the Gili islands to regenerate their reefs.

Gili Eco Trust's main project on land is improving waste management. on Gili Trawangan from collection to processing recyclable materials and transporting them off the island. Local people are used to burning their waste.


Dental Vet

Dr Kirsten Jackson has been passionate about horses and their care since childhood. She is a qualified and highly experienced veterinarian who has continued her education and qualifications in veterinary equine dentistry.

In 2007, Dr Kirsten Jackson completed her veterinary studies at Murdoch University, Western Australia, passing her degree with honours. Immediately after, she worked as an equine veterinarian for just over two years. During this time, she treated a wide variety of cases, allowing her to gain a broad knowledge of equine veterinary medicine and surgery.

Dr Kirsten Jackson gained knowledge in dentistry as she conducted most of those procedures at the practice. She realised dentistry was a huge area of often undiagnosed pain in horses, which led her to complete numerous courses in equine dentistry and develop a keen interest in the subject.



Animal Aid Abroad

Animal Aid Abroad Inc. (AAA) was started in August 2007 in Perth, Australia with the purpose to improve the conditions and treatment of animals in Alexandria, Egypt. A registered non-profit charity that was set up by Janet Thomas after working and living in Alexandria, Egypt. She witnessed on a daily basis the appalling and cruel treatment of the animals on the streets and in the local zoo.

AAA began its work helping the local zoo in Alexandria and improving the conditions of the animals and their enclosures. December 2008 they partnered with Animal Aid Egypt to set up a 24 hr clinic in the city of Alexandria and begun outreach programs with setting up a weekly mobile equine/farm clinic and TNR programs with stray cats and dogs.

Having progressed from this initial project Animal Aid Abroad now assists a number of groups all over the world to help working animals.


Grant Forge and Farriery

Grant Forge and Farriery is an Australian qualified farrier with a focus on performance and lameness. Located in Queensland Australia.

The team has been traveling to Gili Trawangan for clinics  to train the local blacksmith team.  taking with them equipment and knowledge.

The very skilled Grant Forge & Farriery had the locals enthralled with his shoe making demonstration, and we discussed with local owners the new cost-effective shoes soon to be available to them: and all said they were very keen.