Gili Ponies Sanctuary - Watch this space!

Exciting News! - We have been working towards a huge goal over the past couple of years - to open the “Gili Ponies Sanctuary” - we can’t say too much, but we are in final stages to purchase the land on the Gili Islands so we can finally open a Sanctuary for these beautiful ponies.

The team from Love Heal Animals are off to Gili Islands for a week towards the end of April. We will be there helping at the upcoming Vet and Farrier Clinic, seeing so many of the working ponies on the Islands. The Vets and Farriers are volunteers travelling from Australia.

The working ponies on the Gili Islands are in very poor shape and are worked long hours under extreme conditions with little food, nutrition or water. Many of them die from infections which could be treated, but unfortunately there are no vets on the islands.

I visited the Gili Islands when I was doing my Yoga Teacher Training over 2 years ago - The condition of the working ponies was heartbreaking, and from that moment I knew I couldn’t leave the Islands without doing something for these hardworking ponies. Upon returning home to Australia we opened a Not for Profit registered charity Love Heal Animals . Our first project became “Healing Gili Ponies”.

From that moment on we have been searching for space /land that we could realise our dream of opening the “Gili Ponies Sanctuary” - I can’t tell you how excited we all are as our dream is getting very close to becoming a reality. We have so many plans for the Sanctuary and our promise is to keep everyone updated as we progress.

Our primary mission for our “Healing Gili Ponies” project is to provide sick and injured ponies with a safe environment within the “Gili Ponies Sanctuary”. “We will help them recover so they can either return to work as a healthy pony or enjoy their new life within the Sanctuary”

Please click here to donate towards this important cause - every donation will be put towards building stables & yards within the “Gili Ponies Sanctuary”.

Please follow our journey and subscribe to our newsfeed - it means so much to us to have support as we continue our work for these beautiful ponies.


Cilla x