The 6 months wait for these ponies is almost over!!

For the ponies located on the Gili islands, its been a long wait to see a Vet and Farrier - in fact, its been 6 months!

The Gili Islands, a growing tourist destination, lie just off the coast off Bali. Part of their appeal lies in the fact that there is no motorised transport.

Instead, a remarkable plucky group of horses known as the ‘Gili Island Ponies’ work very hard around the clock in harsh conditions to provide essential transport for tourists, supplies, and all the Island’s rubbish! Given their small stature, their efforts in the tropical conditions and sandy terrain are nothing short of heroic. 

With no full-time local veterinary services available, several charitable groups have banded to organise the services of dedicated Australian veterinarian and farriers who visit the islands every six months.

These volunteer Veterinary clinics are equipped to now enable local access to specialised dental, medical and farriery services. 

It is with much excitement that the team from Love Heal Animals will be heading off to Gili Trawangan towards the end of April for the upcoming clinic!

Every Volunteer at these clinics offers their services free of charge and we all pay for air fares, accommodation and other travel expenses out of our own pockets, so we can get to the Gili Islands to help these courageous and hard working ponies.

Please Click Here to donate towards the upcoming Vet and Farrier Clinic.

Your continued help and support goes a long way in alleviating the pain and suffering these brave ponies endure.

Thank you

Cilla x

Cilla Raphael