Meet Dennis! - a working pony on the Gili Islands

It's all hands on deck at the Gili Island Vet & Farrier Clinic! The volunteer Clinics are critical for ponies like Dennis who work long hours every day under extreme conditions.

Dennis; along with up to 400 working ponies are being checked over and treated by the Volunteer vets; many of the ponies have rubs or wounds from ill-fitting harnesses, skin conditions caused from the humidity and heat and many other ailments, including dental, worming, eyes and feet. The team of specialised farriers are kept busy for the week attending to poorly fitted shoes and general hoof care.

Education is a key part of the work being done here and we are so grateful to these incredible volunteers for giving their time and expertise to help these hard working ponies 🙏

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Acknowledgements and sincere thanks to everyone listed below who are involved -

Dr Charles El-Hage - Veterinarian / Melbourne University

Dr Sabine Ware - TVP Equine /

Dr Kirsten Jackson - Dental Vet /

Chris Beggs - Kelvin Grove Equine /

Kyal Grant - Grant Forgery & Farrier /

Sarah Best - Trawangan Dive /

Delphine Robbe - Gili Eco Trust /

Tori Taylor /

Jacqui Thackeray, Vanessa Larsen, Cilla Raphael/