Working Gili Ponies are mistreated every day

The working ponies on the Gili Islands located off the coast of Bali are being severely mistreated every day.

They’re often forced to carry heavy loads for construction — weights well beyond their capacity — or used unethically in tourism carrying loads of tourists and their heavy luggage.

These ponies work in punishing, extreme environments, given little to no rest, and often work with painful harnessing and untreated wounds. They are frequently without adequate water, nutrition and shelter.

But you can help Love Heal Animals make a difference!

In early 2019, Love Heal Animals will continue our work with our unwavering intention to open the Gili Ponies Sanctuary. Our Sanctuary, once opened will provide these hard working ponies rest and respite as well as full time veterinary & farrier services which is currently non-existent on the islands.

Why donate?

Love Heal Animals is an international non-profit organisation founded by Cilla Raphael in 2018, after visiting the Gili Islands and witnessing cruel treatment of working ponies. Determined to be a catalyst for change, Cilla decided to do something to help these ponies and Love Heal Animals (LHA) was born; along with our first project - Healing Gili Ponies

So where will your donation go?

Besides acquiring land for the Gili Ponies Sanctuary there are many things we need to consider prior to opening. Your generous donations will go DIRECTLY to help purchase essential items that are needed to make this project a success and provide the much needed medical treatment and respite for injured or sick ponies, along with shelter, food, water, medical supplies and on-site staff to care for suffering animals.

Please help us make the ‘Gili Ponies Sanctuary’ happen !

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