Why don't tourists care about the Gili Ponies?

There are posts every few days on social media about the horse abuse in the Gilis, so I don't think it's that no one cares!

The horse issue has been raised over the years by many people and is actually quite well known.

As an experienced horse owner I was absolutely horrified when first visited Gili Trawangan - at that time, I (ignorantly) had no idea they had horses there and had I known I probably wouldn't have gone. However, I am glad now that I did because it was the start of a long journey and what instigated the start of Love Heal Animals and our first project - Healing Gili Ponies.

It is a sad fact that these ponies are absolutely over worked; and pull huge, heavy loads. No rest, no shade, most are far too underweight. They have terrible fitting gear, their hoof quality is awful, it's a really sad, sad sight.

It's not pleasant to see tourists with heavy luggage being pulled in carts (Cidomos) by these poor panting, heat stressed horses. Often, tourists don’t want to pay for more than one horse so they overload the carts with people and heavy luggage and the ponies end up pulling loads that are way over their capacity.

Anyone that says these ponies are well looked after clearly has no experience with horses.

Before going to Gili Islands which are located just off the coast of Bali, you should know that on the Gili Islands your only transportation choice will be horse-pulled carts, pulled by small ponies.

The other choice for tourists is to hire a bicycle (a fun way to get around! ) or walk!

Help us make a difference in these ponies lives!

We are working tirelessly and will not rest until we have opened our Gili Ponies Sanctuary and be able to provide rest and respite, along with full time veterinary care to these hard working ponies.

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