Gili Ponies suffer while tourists do nothing!

The Gili Islands are a tropical paradise: tourists flock from around the world to enjoy their white sandy beaches and frolick in their crystalline waters.

What tourists may not know is that they are inadvertently promoting abuse of the working ponies who are literally getting worked to death on their behalf.

The ponies work in extreme heat as they cart unwieldy loads of tourists and supplies around the islands; with little access to fresh water and get to rest at best, a few hours at night - sometimes left chained to their harnesses.

Their salvation is in the hands of just a few welfare groups including Love Heal Animals, hotel allies and conscientious tourists who are desperately trying to stop a culturally ingrained cycle of abuse.

These ponies desperately need our help as they have no access to full time Vet or farrier care. They work long hours in extreme conditions, very often without adequate access to fresh water.

Please join us on our journey to build our ‘Gili Ponies Sanctuary’ which will include full time vet and farrier care for these ponies and will give these ponies a place for respite when they are sick or injured, and a home for retirement if they are unable to work.

We will not stop until we have Love Heal Animals ‘Gili Ponies Sanctuary’ up and running. Thank you for your support>