The Story of Danda

During the May 2018 Vet and Farrier Clinic on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia -  there was one special pony named Danda.

Danda came to the clinic with a problem with his hoof.  The volunteer farrier and vet team suspected that when given previous ill-fitting shoes, a nail was driven into the wrong part of his hoof.  This had resulted in a probable bone infection.  

Dr Sabine (a volunteer vet from Australia) administered a local anaesthetic to the area before Chris and Kyal (volunteer farriers from Australia) cleaned the area and tried to relieve some pressure to alleviate pain.  They then made a wider shoe to protect the area and give this poor pony some comfort.

Sadly without ongoing veterinary treatment and intervention, it is likely that this injury will have claimed the life of this beautiful pony. Despite efforts, we have not been able to locate Danda since the volunteer vet clinic.

Right now, we do not have the medical expertise on the Gili islands to help cases like this.  The only veterinary and professional farrier care is during volunteer clinics when Vets and farriers travel from Australia to help the ponies.

We are working very hard to open our ‘Gili Ponies Sanctuary’ in 2019. Our sanctuary aims to be able to provide care, support and medical treatment necessary to either save these ponies, or at the very least be able to see out the rest of their lives being given the necessary care, treatment and love.

It is probably too late to save gentle Danda, but we won’t stop until we have our Love Heal Animals ‘Gili Ponies Sanctuary’ up and running.