Life Saving Surgery - Gili Ponies

During the May Vet and Farrier Clinic last year, Australian Vet, Dr Sabine Ware performed life saving surgery on Gili Island when this pony presented with a dead testicle. Without this medical intervention it is most likely that this horse would have become toxic and died a very painful death.

It is a sad fact that many of the working ponies on Gili Islands live very short lives due to infections and illness due to extreme working conditions and lack of nutrition and ongoing vet and farrier care.

The life expectancy for these ponies, once they begin to work on the islands is a mere one to three years. As soon as a pony is close to death from exhaustion, infection, illness or becomes so dehydrated from drinking briney water and suffering kidney failure, the horse is immediately sold to a slaughterhouse.

At present there are no Vets or Farriers on the islands. The ponies rely on volunteer Veterinarians and Farriers who travel from Australia twice per year for a week long Clinic in May and November.

We are working so hard to open the Love Heal Animals “Gili Ponies Sanctuary” where we will be able to offer these working ponies full time vet and farrier care, along with much needed respite from their daily grind if they become injured or ill.

We need your help and generosity now more than ever! The cost of land on Gili Islands is expensive and we also need to consider fencing, stables and shelters along with day yards where we can give these ponies the care they so desperately need.

Please join us in our journey as we move closer to opening the ‘Gili Ponies Sanctuary’

Your donations can and are continuing to save lives.

Thank you.

Our sincere thanks to

Dr Charles El-Hage - Veterinarian / Melbourne University

Dr Sabine Ware - TVP Equine /

Dr Kirsten Jackson - Dental Vet /

Dr Jen Lugton - Hawkesbury Equine Veterinary Centre /

Chris Beggs - Kelvin Grove Equine /

Kyal Grant - Grant Forgery & Farrier /

Sarah Best - Trawangan Dive /

Delphine Robbe - Gili Eco Trust /

Cilla Raphael