Imagine having to wait 6 months to see a doctor…

We can’t wait to travel again to the Gili Islands NEXT WEEK! - The “all Volunteer” Vet and Farrier clinic is happening again!

The Gili Islands, a growing tourist destination, lie just off the coast off Bali. Part of their appeal lies in the fact that there is no motorised transport. Instead, a remarkable plucky group of horses known as the Gili Island Ponies work very hard in extreme conditions to provide essential transport for people, supplies, and large loads of rubbish! Given their small stature, their efforts in the tropical conditions and terrain are nothing short of heroic. 

With no local veterinary services available, Veterinary clinics have been set up to now enable local access to specialised dental, medical and farriery services. 

The volunteer vet clinics are held on Gili Islands for a week several times per year and have been running for approximately 8 years. Through Love Heal Animals recent involvement with our Project “Healing Gili Ponies” I have come to know the most amazing and selfless volunteers who travel from Australia to help the working ponies on the Islands.

The upcoming Clinic is going to be incredible! - with 4 Vets, 2 Farriers, 2 Vet Nurses, 1 Epidemiologist Vet, 1 leather worker and a host of volunteers - we are going to see some awesome results!

We will be posting updates throughout the week of the clinic.

Please help us to continue to help these ponies - Thank you.

Acknowledgements to :

Dr Charles El Hage (Equine Vet -University of Melbourne) Dr Thierry Beths (Anaesthetist Vet -University of Melbourne),  Janet Thomas, Animal Aid Abroad, Dr Kirsten Jackson Dental Vet , Dr Sabine Ware TVP Equine  and many local organisations including Blue Water Express, Gili Eco Trust, Trawangan Dive, horses of gili. Volunteer farriers include; Grant Forge and Farriery, Kelvin Grove Equine Steven Chamberlain (Farrier). Other volunteers include; Bronte Tremlett (Vet Nurse - TVP Equine), Rachel Mason (Vet Nurse), Alison Berton (Leather Worker), Amanda Drought (Vet Student - Murdoch University), Karen Holmes (Vet Student - Murdoch University) Isabella Beggs (Helper/Volunteer), Samantha Loly (Helper/Volunteer) & Rob Drought (Helper/Translator)