Our Hearts broke - Gili Ponies

Up to 500 ponies on the Gili Islands off the coast of Bali do the jobs of tractors, trucks, and taxis every day. They work around the clock hauling extreme loads on their under nourished bodies with little rest, food and with very little access to water. 

We visited Gili Trawangan in 2016 and were shocked and saddened by what we saw.

"During our stay we witnessed really sad cases of ponies working with open wounds, horses left out in the sun waiting for passengers with no access to water, horses severely dehydrated & panting heavily, with white foam pouring out of their mouths.”

We also witnessed tourists pile into one Cidomo (pony cart) with so much luggage, they used the roof of the cart to pile the luggage on. To our horror, the driver beat the pony mercilessly as the poor pony did his best to pull the cart through the sand to get the cart moving.

Due to several unfortunate factors, the ponies on the island are treated badly and the abuse they are dealt with on a daily basis is heartbreaking.

For a minimum of 12hrs a day they are forced to cart massive amounts of tourists, rubbish and cargo, often more than 10 times their body weight.

They do not have access to the the most basic of necessities such as adequate and clean shelter, good nutrition and access to fresh water.

We witnessed ponies in makeshift shelters standing in up to 20cm of their own excretement with no bedding. Many of the ponies were tied so they could not lie down to rest.

It was during our visit that we pledged to open a registered non-profit charity and help these beautiful ponies. Hence, Love Heal Animals was born and our first project ‘Heal Gili Ponies’ was started.

Join us on our journey as we move towards opening “Gili Ponies Sanctuary’ where we will provide these ponies respite and care. 

We need your help more than ever! Please help us to help these ponies so greatly affected on a day to day basis. This is an urgent ongoing situation, and we need your help now. 

Your donations are lifesaving!

Thank you so much for your love, support and generosity