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We are - Love Heal Animals


Why Animals?

We believe that there are so many people that are helplessly passionate about animals and animal rescue in part because of the animals’ inability to voice their needs or suffering.


Get to know what makes us different...



…is to LOVE and HEAL ANIMALS in crisis. 

We are dedicated to improving the living conditions and treatment of neglected and abused animals.


‘If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.’

The passion we have for animals is our driving force and we believe that doing is the best way of helping.

We believe no animal should have to suffer through neglect or abuse



We believe all animals should live with dignity and have access to adequate food, water and shelter.

  • We believe education is vital to empower people to improve the lives of animals into the future.
  • We believe every animal has the right to be counted as an individual.
  • We believe through our projects and campaigns we can raise standards of care and awareness of issues for the animals who have no voice.

We believe that the power of social media and the banding together of like minded people is the most effective tool to empower everyone globally to help end animal suffering and neglect.




Everyone agrees animal neglect, cruelty and abuse must end. It is heartbreaking and widespread across many countries, walks of life and communities. Social programs and Governments can’t keep up.

Love Heal Animals understands and has a plan. We’ve proven that through business and a deep desire & passion for good can change animals’ lives for the better.

Love Heal Animals promotes compassion and respect for all animals and we are working to bring about long-term change through our projects and campaigns.

We do this by by partnering with, and supporting efficient, grass roots organisations run by respected local people and businesses willing to help the animals within their communities.