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Help us help animals in crisis


There are “millions upon millions” of animals living in non-ideal, neglectful or abusive conditions today.

Everyone agrees animal neglect, cruelty and abuse must end. It is heartbreaking and widespread across many countries, walks of life and communities. Social programs and Governments can’t keep up. Love Heal Animals understands and has a plan. We’ve proven that business and a deep desire for good can change animals lives for the better. Lets go all the way and serve animals in need.


 Current Projects

‘Healing Gili Ponies’, Gili Islands Indonesia


"We are passionate about animal welfare and we believe we can make a difference."

— LoveHealAnimals x

We believe no animal should have to suffer through neglect or abuse


We Promote

Compassion and respect for all animals and we work to bring about long-term change by partnering with and supporting efficient, grass roots organisations run by respected local people to help their animals and their communities


We Are

A not-for-profit Registered Charity with Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). We are passionate about serving animals in crisis or animals subjected to abuse or neglect.


We Rely  

Solely on donations to to achieve sustainable and long term improvements in animal welfare.